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July 15th, 2020 by

For the German-speaking out and among us maybe a Porsche pronunciation guide is a laughable idea. But for many of us non linguists, we are in the dark and really could use a video on how to pronounce Porsche Taycan – even if the idea of a Porsche pronunciation video is a bit unusual!

How to Pronounce Porsche Taycan: According to Porsche

So, what’s this all about? Well, Porsche put a video on YouTube instructing on the correct pronunciation of Taycan. The Porsche Taycan being the official name for the Electric Vehicle (EV) that started out as the Mission E concept. Here’s the video:

Little known fact, Porsche itself is a name that is often mispronounced. You may even be saying it wrong now! To many Americans, Porsche would seem to be a one syllable word and because we are accustomed to silent the silent e. Silent es are pervasive in the English language. Typically they represent a vowel sound that used to be pronounced but changed over time in common language. 

Porsche Pronunciation: According to Porsche

So, Porsche, pronounced as the single syllable word, Porsche. In the German language, however, there are no silent es and the correct pronunciation actually includes the vowel ending. Chances are you aren’t too likely to be corrected if you do say “Porsh,” but you never know! So, there you have it, the correct pronunciation looks like this – pôrSH(ə). And you can watch this video to hear it for yourself:

All that to say, Porsche pronunciation missteps are nothing new. And we are throwing absolutely no shade here if you’re still wondering how to pronounce Porsche Taycan. Check out the video for yourself, but simply put the correct pronunciation for the Taycan is actually tie-con. I know, as an English speaker my first impulse was to say, “tay-can” or even “taken”. So, not to worry, you are not alone in your bewilderment. The German language is the world’s 10th most spoken language, so don’t feel bad, but do be sure to pronounce Porsche Taycan the correct way now that you know!

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