Porsche will debut an all-electric Macan SUV in 2022

May 13th, 2021 by

Like all auto manufacturers, Porsche has not let the Covid pandemic slow down the development of its next generation of vehicles. The company has just given a glimpse of the all-electric Macan, which will most likely make a debut sometime in the summer of 2022. 

Porsche Macan Electric SUV

While the exact description and features of the Porsche electric SUV have not yet been released, it appears that the luxury vehicle has evolved from the previous generation of Porsche electric vehicles. This new Macan and the first based on the company’s new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) underpinnings from the Volkswagen group.

Some of the exterior features include a more stylistic but toned-down headlight, a smaller roofline, and a miniature grille. The Macan EV appears more like a coupe and very sporty. Nothing more is known about the exterior because Porsche wants to keep the features a secret until the last minute. However, Porsche has stated that the existing gas-powered Macan will still be available until the EV sales pick up.

The Porsche Macan electric is slated to appear sometime in 2022 and, like all previous models, is expected to be a high-performance vehicle following the same mold as the Taycan. This means it will be turbo-powered, have similar engine features, and a luxury interior.

Experts indicate that the Porsche electric SUV will use the Taycan J1 platform and share much of the same hardware. By using the same architecture as the previous Taycan, this will also save an enormous amount of money for Porsche as there will be no need to develop everything from scratch.

At the moment, engineers are working towards making the Macan EV more aerodynamic. With a very low center of gravity, but this should not be much of a problem.Because the demand for EVs is rapidly growing, Porsche is trying to develop an infrastructure that will hopefully help with future generations of EVs. The company is hoping that within five years nearly one-third of all Porsches sold will be electric. 

Unlike the Taycan, Porsche wants to make the Macan EV a household vehicle; hence, speed and power are not primary concerns. The electric version will come with a four-wheel drive and some versions will be loaded with at least 700 hp.The other focus of Porsche is to make the Macan EV better suited to all types of terrain so that it will attract a wider base of customers. 

The company is also working on solid-state batteries that offer longer mileage and can be recharged much faster. This is an indication that the Macan will have a longer range of mileage on a single charge; in addition, the Macan electric SUV has ample space on the floor for a larger-sized battery.  A hybrid version of the Macan EV has been ruled out because of space limitations.

The price of the Macan electric SUV has not been released but should be between $60K-$75K. Add in another few thousand for all the options and upgrades, and the SUV will probably be on the road for $80K.

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