Porsche Taycan Named 2020 Design of the Year

March 24th, 2020 by

Porsche naming conventions seek to create a connection between the vehicles and its characteristics. The Cayman is so named for its agility and ferocity on the road; the Macan name underscores its poise and power; and, of course, the Cayenne is all about adding spice to the mix. When naming a future icon, Porsche says it needs a “name that tells an emotional, coherent story” and that reflects “the character of the vehicle and meld[s] unmistakably with the Porsche brand.” The Taycan meaning is equally special – as is the high performance machine itself. 

Taycan Meaning | Porsche Electric Taycan | Porsche West Palm Beach, South Florida

Taycan Meaning

“Taycan” is a blend of two Turkish terms that, roughly translated, mean “soul of a spirited young horse.” Well done! The Porsche electric Taycan is just that: lively, powerful, free-spirited.

Porsche Electric Taycan: Design Accolades

In fact, its spirit has won the Porsche Taycan the title of Automobile Magazine’s 2020 Design of the Year. The magazine’s motto is “No Boring Cars,” and while the four-door sedan with no engine may be a surprise as a design winner, we couldn’t agree more with the choice.

The Taycan’s roof profile is similar to the iconic 911 with its downward sloping noise and solid stance. Automobile Magazine also noted its long front overhang, headlamp fairing and black inverted L shape, simple, full-width taillight bar, and clean, modern rear bumper, as well as the contrast between the convex lower portion of the fender cross-section and the indent at the bottom of the doors. 

Inside, the cabin is simple, classic, and comfortable. Rear-passengers are given a bit less room but that is typical of the sport sedan class. The steering wheel is equally simple: round, covered in leather, and designed for the serious operator. Like other Porsche models, the Taycan is intended for driving

The Taycan integrates classic Porsche touches with contemporary design elements. The results are stunning. If you are interested in the award-winning Porsche electric Taycan, come visit the team at Porsche West Palm Beach. We’re happy to answer your questions. Contact us today.

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