Porsche Investing in EV Battery Maker

December 22nd, 2022 by

Porsche has announced that it is investing $400 million in Group14 Technologies, a Washington State-based technology company working to develop silicon anodes for batteries. With an eye on the rapidly expanding EV market, Porsche is investing in this new EV battery production technology that promises improved EV performance, thanks to faster charging time and a more extended range. Porsche is part of a consortium of companies investing in the promising silicon anodes technology as an alternative to the existing graphite electrodes.

Why Silicon Anodes Are Revolutionary

While many companies are currently researching the practical utility of silicon-based battery anodes, it would appear that Group 14 Technologies is ahead of the pack in this development. The excitement around using silicon for battery anodes rather than the traditional graphite material is because silicon anodes offer superior performance. Silicon anodes in batteries are expected to significantly extend the range of electric vehicles while at the same time reducing charging time. Group14 Technologies CEO says that EV battery production is set to commence soon, and they expect their silicon-anode batteries to be fitted into cars as early as next year.

Part of the investment that Porsche is making in the technology company will go into building a factory that will produce enough silicon carbide anodes for Porsche EV batteries to power about 600, 000 vehicles every year.

Porsche EV Batteries Are On The Cutting Edge of Technology

Porsche vehicles have always delivered cutting-edge technology to drivers. With the company constantly seeking to improve the Porsche owner’s driving experience, it makes sense that Porsche EV batteries will feature the best technology out there. Currently, the two main concerns around EVs are range and charging time. With silicon anode batteries expected to improve these two metrics, Americans purchasing Porsche EVs can expect an outstanding driving experience.

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