One of a Kind: the Porsche Mission R Electric Race Car

February 15th, 2022 by

It’s no secret that Porsche wants to keep its gas-powered cars running as long as possible. Owing to that fact, Porsche has taken a slower approach to electric cars than some other manufacturers. Now, however, suddenly, it has revealed the electric Mission R prototype, and, if this is a reflection of things to come with future Porsche electric cars, it will continue to maintain its elite status in the world of sports cars. The Porsche Mission R electric race car is magnificent. 

Porsche Electric Mission R Racecar (1)


The Porsche Mission R electric race car prototype weighs around 3,300 pounds and is just a few inches shorter than the Cayman, measuring 170.3 inches. The exterior reveals the classic GT design, which showcases a high-powered electric sports car with elegant looks. Every aspect of the car appears to have been fine-tuned. Porsche says that the prototype is very representative of its future electric cars.


The key reason for the Mission R concept is to match the racetrack performance of the 992 series 911 GT3 Cup. The Porsche Mission R features an 82 kWh battery pack with a 900 volt rapidly charging system. The racing car has been designed to meet the constraints of the racing circuit with modularly integrated rear and front motors. The all-wheel-drive Mission R produces over 600Hp, but in race mode, the number is above 1,000Hp.

The car has a very low center of gravity, and this provides great stability while racing around sharp corners. Aside from great handling, it is the interior that is exotic. The Mission R electric race car looks like a futuristic compact car with a transparent roof, which makes the cabin less claustrophobic and much brighter. 

Like all Porsche cars, the Mission R electric race car has carbon fiber everywhere. The seating is ergonomic, but one thing that Porsche has kept traditional, is the noise; the Mission R echoes the classic sounds of a Porsche that is ready to rumble. 


Like all cars designed for racing, the sturdy steering wheel is small but razor-sharp. Along the edges are located a number of colored buttons and controls. Despite having a rear battery, the Mission R surges forward from a stop without any friction. The acceleration can be felt in the body, and the braking is precise. The car itself is easy to drive with no obstacles in handling, and the car is fast, reaching 62 mph in less than 2.5 seconds. 

Because the engine can get hot on the track, Porsche has ensured that the motor windings are constantly bathed in oil to keep things cool. The battery cooling feature also includes a fluid bath.


While electric cars are generally quiet, this is not so with the Mission R. This futuristic sports car has a loud sexy noise that is often associated with Harley motorcycles, and you might need to wear earplugs when it is on the racetrack.

Overall, the Porsche Mission R has accomplished its first task, and now it remains to be seen whether it will also snag the number one spot at the races.

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