Porsche ROADS App Gets a Major Overhaul

April 13th, 2023 by

Technological advancements in the automotive industry have enabled virtually every carmaker to develop in-car software to enhance various vehicle functions, such as remote starts, notifications on the vehicle’s scheduled maintenance, and other navigation features to help drivers map out their desired routes. 2019 marked the launch of the Porsche ROADS app, helping drivers navigate their desired routes and find fun, scenic drives for an enhanced driving experience. Porsche recently overhauled the Porsche ROADS app, equipping it with an AI function that generates navigation routes based on user-entered specifications.

Porsche ROADS App’s New AI Feature Enhances the Route-Planning Experience

The latest upgrade to the ROADS app adds a powerful AI algorithm that lets users map out the best route to their destinations. But most navigation apps do that. So, what makes ROADS by Porsche special? While other navigation apps like Google Maps track driving time and fuel efficiency, ROADS enables users to choose their routes based on several specific parameters.

According to Porsche’s Chief Marketing Officer, Robert Ader, “The main attractive feature of the app is the scenic-route generator. Users can find their individual routes with only a few clicks. The app’s algorithm maps out the suitable route based on parameters, such as the topography, landscape features, curves of the road, or other exciting POIs.” That said, you can plan your dream route or simply navigate from point A to B, whether it’s a challenging and curvy course or a cross-country trip with beautiful scenery.

Compatible with All Cars with Apple CarPlay

Currently, the app is only compatible with vehicle models with Apple CarPlay connectivity, not Android Auto. While other vehicle companies release navigation apps specific to their car models, the Porsche ROADS app not only works on Porsche models, but drivers can also integrate it into any car brand or model fitted with Android CarPlay, enabling drivers to use their iPhones to find a route and then follow it on their vehicles’ infotainment displays.

A New Intuitive and Clearer Design

Creating an intuitive AI-powered navigation app was a top priority for the developers of ROADS. Porsche Newsroom highlighted that the newly-updated app now comes with a geo-specific user interface (UI) that highlights various route options to help users get started in the world of exciting and scenic routes. Suppose you’re confused about which path to take; in that case, ROADS will inspire you regularly by bringing you the route of the week and other exciting destinations displayed clearly in detailed images and texts. Additionally, it comes with dynamic filters that combine with the app’s algorithm to help you find a route for your next drive and even find shortcuts to your desired destination.

A global ROADS community; Over 180,000 Users

Since Porsche launched ROADS three years ago, the app has garnered a huge following, with over 180,000 users worldwide. The app’s crowdsourced elements connect passionate and fun-loving drivers, who can interact and engage each other in private or public forums within the ROADS Community. Thanks to its built-in navigation system, ROADS by Porsche generates routes that users can drive, assess, save, and even share their favorite routes with other users across the globe. Integrate the Porsche ROADS app into your Apple CarPlay-powered infotainment system and take your driving experience to the next level. 2022 was a great year for Porsche, and 2023 is off to a hot start.

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